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Five Ways to be a Better Outdoorist

In 2017, we opened our eyes to the fears and realizations that our public lands are under threat. However, in 2018, we show that a new age of activism is here. It’s time to level up, speak up, and use our resources to story tell the instrumental value public lands have on our lives. Read five ways you can become a better outdoorist in 2018. 

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Take Action for Public Lands

Public Lands are a sacred common ground for all of us to connect. It’s totally non-biased and serves as a friend in need. It is our duty, as Americans, to help protect and ensure the thriving of our land for future generations. Isn’t that what you do for family?

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The Fears of Speaking Out: Stepping into Outdoor Advocacy

To diminish this fear, I am taking a step towards Outdoor Advocacy by working towards becoming a Public Lands Leader. It’s about so much more than simply being social, but about sharing a love of the outdoors with others within your community, and empowering them to speak up for OUR land as well. Getting others just amped up as you are, and seeking true inclusion in the outdoor community. 

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