Gear Guide

 Dedicated to the Outdoor Warrior, whether you are a professional weekend warrior or entering your first season of enjoying the outdoors, and need some gear inspiration. This Gear Guide serves as a guide to help make sure you are well equipped to have fun and stay comfortable while hiking, camping, night kayaking, at the airport, or living the van/full-time RV life. We support the mission of all the companies we purchase gear from and recommend you research where and how products are made when looking into investing in new, high quality gear.


purple deuter 45 .jpg

Deuter act lite 45 +10 Womens Backpack

Perfect for the weekend warrior, or petite woman. Designed to be shorter than the standard male pack, with maximum ventilation. The Air Contact results in 15% less perspiration with the ventilation back system that buddy hugs and has larger pores. Has a separate compartment to pack the sleeping bag. 20 pounds is nothing for this body hugging pack designed for women! Plus, the flower adds a feminine touch on the trail!

Sea to summit pillow.jpg

Sea-to-Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Sleeping in the wild isn't just for cavemen. Easy inflatable, with 50D Polyester knit, and TPU bladder- comfort hasn't ever been so comfortable. Curvy for your tired head, it helps shelter you no matter what angle you are sleeping at. Ideal for camping or napping! Pair with the Kammock, and you have a recipe for the raddest siesta! 

Thermarest z lite pad.jpg

Therm-a-Rest Z Seat


Dusty Trails don't mean dusty breaks. Punctured proof closed cell foam. Light and compact to carry. Your booty will be comfortable regardless of trail terrain.



BioLite Campstove 2

Get the outdoorsy fire without the smoke, and with less emission. Create the smokeless fire with sticks, or pair with the BioLite Pellets. LED Dashboard helps as you convert heat into energy. Never be without fire again!

Marmot Trestles 15.jpg

Marmot Trestles 15 Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Tested in the rainy conditions of the Oregon Coast, this synthetic sleeping bag provides mummy comfort with a special side zipper so you unzip at the arm without feeling constricted. Perfect for the car camper, or backpacker, the feet and mummy portion optimize heat, so you can stay warmer on those chilly evenings in the tent or around the fireplace!


Biolite Nano Grid Kit

Camping never has to be done in the dark again. The Nano Grid Kit is only the beginning to going off grid with your light set-up. The power bank dual powers as a charging portal. This beginners set has 750 lumen to fuel your adventure. Nature will know your presence from every angle!

Biolite Solar Panel 10+

Your first step towards going off grid. Power all of your electronics while hiking or camping. Heck, we have even placed the solar panel on the dashboard of the car to charge our phones. Easy set-up whether you're hiking and charging, or the basic set-up while eating lunch. Ultra-slim weather resistant with a 3000mAh integrated rechargeable battery so your power is available even when the sun goes down

Biolite Charge 20

Portable, waterproof power bank that provides two full charges for your cell phone. Also serves as an additional power bank for powering your nano grid lights. Never enter the lonely trail without being fully powered again. USB port allows for easy charging of whatever devices you need. Easily charge before entering the backcountry, or use the solar panel to repower. The power is yours!

Biolite SiteLight Mini

Add string lights to your camping adventures. Serves as a great pairing to the BioLite Nano Grid System. String across your car or tent. Connect as many as you'd like to create a mega off-grid lighting system for your next outdoor adventure! 150 Lumens plus whatever you pair with it, and it connects to any USB outlet!

Sawyer Mini Filtration Straw

Rehydrate and never run out of water while hiking again! We've used the mini straw while kayaking, hiking, and over night backpacking. Filters 99.99% of bacteria, and is filtered for up to 10,000 gallons. Recommend getting one for yourself, and one for your partner so you can be over prepared for an emergency situation.