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our vision

The Hiking Initiative is curated with a mission to educate, encourage, and empower people to speak up for our Public Lands. A platform where anyone can share their love for the outdoors. We want to share lessons on how to talk about Public Lands, how to explore outdoor spaces, and how to be sustainable on Public Lands. This includes seeking positive change for providing equal access to all outdoor spaces. 

Hi there! I, Brittany Leffel, am the founder of The Hiking Initiative. 

Who we are

The Hiking Initiative was originally designed to simply be about hiking, but then the policies of how our public lands should be governed became a debate on two different sides of Bears Ears, and our Secretary of Interior was not for all types of public land advocates.  

We believe in long- term benefit, rather than short- term gain, which is why we strive to become experts in Outdoor Advocacy, so we can help you be one too. Although, I don't think we will ever become experts, so we will find mentors in the industry who are. 

As a result, we are dedicated to educating, encouraging, and empowering people to not be shy talking about our Public Lands. Giving advice, looking for the best places to put our dollars towards, amplifying our voices for the cause. Politics and hobbies don't normally mix, but it's time to change that when speaking for the outdoor spaces we cherish. 

We prefer to keep it fun and educate our readers on hot topics in politics, but let us not forget about the trails we seek for solitude, and the gear we use to extend our trips in those fortresses of solitude. 

One day, we hope to hit the road so we can join the rest of the pack and organizations that are rigorously working on the ground to fight against Congress for public lands. 

Let's get chatty. Let's get creative. Let's put our dollars towards like mind organizations. Let's recognize the value of public lands. Let's be inclusive.

Join the pack, and lets all become better advocates. TOGETHER. 

Ways you can support us: 


A simple way to support our mission to provide better content for our pack. We have awesome projects in the pipeline, and we want as many readers as possible to be included in this exclusive-access. As a Patron, you provide us with insights into the matters that are most important to you. What does advocacy mean to you? How do you transform that into momentum? What are projects we can implement with these funds? Patreon is the simplest way to remove the ads from our site, for good.

As a Patreon supporter, you will have exclusive, early access to content that will be available to Patrons. As outdoor advocates, we strive to provide you with bi-partisan information on our outdoor spaces, and value your feedback first! 

As we grow our patronage, this will allow us to increase how we outreach. Our goal is to help generate an activism program that enhances the ability of organizations to enable active stewardship of our Public Lands. Sometimes, it's a collective empowerment that levees momentum to generate change.

imply put, there is a new age of activism, and we strive to be a leading force. 

Help us turn these ideas into reality, and help shape the Hiking Initiative into a platform that can help make a difference! As always, you can reach out to us at for more information!


If you don't have the resources to make a monthly pledge, then you are able to contribute a one-time pledge. With every donation over $10, we will send you a personalized thank-you card for your support in shaping the future of The Hiking Initiative. 


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We haven't really dived in deep with Affiliate Marketing. Amazon Affiliates is our go to resource while we discover more about what our pack's interests are. It's a simple way to support what we do without having to spend any extra money.

Tip- take your giving a step further and purchase through Amazon Smile. You can support your favorite charities through this portal as Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchase. Pushing your dollar further without having to spend more than you were already planning to spend.