The Hiking Initiative

Our Mission:

Educate, Encourage, and Empower.

We help people speak up for public lands while sharing stories of adventure, gear reviews, and outdoor advocacy. Showing that anyone can share their love of the outdoors. 


What We Strive For

The outdoors has no age limit, no gender requirements, no bias. As a human collective, we should follow these same steps to ensure that everyone has equal access to our outdoors spaces. If you don't know where to start, we want to help guide you.  



Who We Support: 


The companies and organizations we support have a mission to help us all become better stewards of our lands. 


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A simple way to support our mission and provide better content for our pack. We have awesome projects in the pipeline, and we want as many readers as possible to be included in this exclusive-access. As a Patron, you provide us with insights to the matters that are most important to you. What does advocacy mean to you? How do you transform that into momentum? What are projects we can implement with these funds? Patreon is the simplest way to remove the ads from our site, for good.